Nuage Vert (FR / UK / DE)

Looped HD video document of a site specific projection which used a thermographic video camera, computer tracking and laser beam
HeHe – Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen (British & German based in France)


The third edition of Nuage Vert (Green cloud) highlighted the cloud of vapour emitted by the largest waste incinerator in France, on the edge of Paris at Ivry-sur-Seine, using a green laser beam which draws the clouds outline in real-time. Beyond the spectacle of the projection onto a power plant emission, Nuage Vert is also an open space, a canvas onto which each individual can project their questions concerning our consumer-waste culture, adding a second level reading to a site which is both highly visible and ignored.

The work acts like a semantic parasite, an organism that takes cover and feeds itself by establishing a sustainable interaction with another organism, in a relationship that is not necessarily damaging for the host, but necessary since the emission cloud provides Nuage vert with its visibility. During two years the project generated a social-cultural process which attracted support from citizens and the power plant owner, but however led to political obstruction from the local authorities. Escaping from a political stalemate, the work was realised without institutional consent, from a secret location on a private rooftop with the cooperation of local residents.

The project was previously realised in Helsinki, Finland and in Saint-Ouen, France.


Artist bio:

With humour, HeHe reinvent our ongoing technological adventures;  from the transformation of energy, emissions, intoxication, rail infrastructures to electronically mediated systems of control. In developing poetic interventions about the limits and meaning of our technologically conditioned world, their practice reconciles the individual with the reality of their immediate urban environment. Their concept of reverse cultural engineering and the idea of aesthetising emission clouds in real time provides a theoretical framework for their installations on transportation (Train Project) and pollution (Nuage Vert, Champs d’Ozone). Working independently, HeHe bring theatre, engineering and design to their art practice and collaborate with individuals from a diverse range of disciplines and interests. Their work has been exhibited at Lyon Biennale, France; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Ars Electronica, Linz; Luxembourg European Capital of Culture; Galerie Frédéric Desimpel, Bruxelles; San José Museum of Art, USA