Banana Poetry (HR)

Installation (work in progress)
Ines Krasić


Banana Poetry is a platform for experiments in creating a mechanism/organism for the generation of new poetry and linguistic creations. It is an interactive installation powered by an alternative energy source – fruit and vegetables. Ultimately, the work might be manifested in a mobile form incorporated in a backpack that could be plugged into an orchard. Serving as energy source, the natural could be converted into an electronic environment. This would be a new space for creativity in the digital realm. An integral part of the work is the program Scribbler, which browses the internet, reads and analyzes various texts, and then tries to imitate them. What it produces sounds like schizophrenic babble or trash poetry.


Artist bio:

Ines Krasić (HR, 1969) graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb in 1993, where she has been a member of the academic staff since 1995. Krasić holds the position of  professor in the graphics department, and since 2008 has worked part-time for the Academy of Fine Arts in Osijek as an associate. In her works Krasić addresses society- and media-constructed gender stereotypes as well as the impact of advertising. Krasić has exhibited her works on numerous individual and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States (Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academyof Arts and Sciences, Zagreb; Heroes in Transition, Nottingham; Viennafair, Vienna; Device_art 2.006, Zagreb/Velika Gorica, Belgrade, San Francisco). Krasić is the winner of several art awards, including the Grand Prix at the 7th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture in Zagreb.