Interactive Multi-sensory Installation

Wang Yuyang (CN), MeatMedia (CN), Jeffrey Huang (CH)

Supported by: Media & Design Lab | EPFL Lausanne,
Central Academy of Fine Art, China Academy of Art


We have been walking through environments with all kinds of weather. The weather data itself can be understood as life signs of a chaotic and lively ecosystem.

We set out to conjure up an alienated organism and project weather data culled from all over the world onto its body. Thus the inanimate body fabricated in a physical and mechanical way transforms into the sensing body, resonating in reaction to weather data.

We may be alienated or evolve while walking in the foreign body, and respond once more to the weather data that stimulates the organism. This is the human trajectory in the evolutionary tunnel formed by weather and time.


Artist bio:

Jeffrey Huang is a Berkman Fellow at Harvard University, and the Founding Director of the Media x Design Lab at EPFL in Switzerland where he is also a Full Professor in the School of Architecture, and in the School of Computer and Communication Science. Huang’s work examines the convergence of physical and virtual architecture. In collaboration with Muriel Waldvogel, Huang is co-founder and principal of Convergeo, an international design firm. Prior to coming to EPFL, Huang was a professor of architecture and digital media at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Huang has published and lectured widely on topics such as digital architecture, organicity, telepresence and parametric urbanism. A native of Rome and a Swiss citizen of Chinese origin, Huang received his DiplArch from the ETHZ, and his Masters and Doctoral Degrees from Harvard University, where he was awarded the Gerald McCue medal.

Initiated by Wu Juehui and Shao Ding, MeatMedia is a media organization. In recent years, they have been operating within the potential interfaces between art and science, body and media, in collaboration with laboratories or institutes whose research interests are in neural engineering, automation and computer graphics. MeatMedia focuses on the“Emotional Interface” of their works by setting the open rules of the game, to find a balance between“Dry”and “Wet.” MeatMedia has participated in several national and international media art exhibitions and festivals including Synthetic Times – Media Art China 2008, New Directions from China, Shanghai eARTS and several public media projects, such as Expo 2010, Shanghai China. Since 2008, MeatMedia has been working on a project based on the brain-computer interface in collaboration with the Institute of Neural Engineering of Tsinghua University. meatmedia.org
Born in the late 1970s, Wang Yuyang studied at the China Central Academy of Drama and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He teaches at the Department of Experimental Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and lives and works in Beijing. His works are often created using new media but without deliberately emphasizing the novelty of technology. More interested in the artistry brought about with “outdated” technology, “destructive” aesthetics and material waste, he experiments with installations, photography, video and painting. He engages humor, fiction and spectacle as ways to explore and reflect on the relation between the human body, experience and cognition. At the same time, he also explores the relationship between artificial reality, the media, historical perception and physical cognition. His works have been exhibited in major exhibitions and art festivals in cities in China, Europe and the United States.