Degree Day (US)


Installation: Fans, microcontrollers, and radio transmitters

Designer: Leif Percifield, Chris Piuggi (USA)
Collaborator: Estefanie Duque, Lara Warman, Bree Rubin (USA)

Supported by: School of Art, Media and Technology, Parsons The New School for Design


The experience of weather is a physical one. Weather is the manifestation of change. The diurnal and annual rotation of the earth provide the catalyst for this change. As solar gain heats one part of the earth, other parts give off heat into the atmosphere creating the air patterns that move moisture and create weather. The experience of weather is uniquely tied to location and time. A person experiences a variety of weathers as they move through space and time yet, at any singular moment, only one weather can be experienced. This singularity causes weather to be observed relatively. To address the changing nature of weather and its singular experience, Degree Day instantiates multiple weathers in a single location so that a twenty-four hour period of meteorological change across the surface of the earth can be experienced in a twenty-four minute loop. Each “weather” is manifested in the physical space through the use of variable speed fans. This creates a delivery of information about remote atmospheric conditions through manipulation of the local atmosphere. The divergence created by these weathers mimics the natural process of weather change.


Artist bio:

A technologist and designer, Leif Percifield strives to create work that encourages exploration and examines the simple nature of things in order to express their unseen attributes. Before coming to New York to study at Parsons, he worked as a media developer at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His background is in media arts and photography. His projects include PaintOut, an interactive digital graffiti platform, and Currently he is affiliated with the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science where he contributes to the creation of tools for DIY citizen sciences.

Chris Piuggi is an MFA Candidate at Parsons the New School of Design. As a new media artist and creative technologist he seeks to explore unconventional interfaces through dynamic interactions between people and technology.

Estefanie Duque, Lara Warma and Bree Rubin are graduate students in the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons, The New School for Design.