Aphasiogram (US)

Pine, hemlock, latex, copper, music wire, pencil, questionnaires, pen and paper
Bernie Lubell


The installation consists of two tables (stations) separated by a cubicle wall (or around a corner from each other).  Visitors fill out a questionnaire about their idea of “heaven” at one station.  The route that they take as they fill in the questionnaire is inscribed on paper at the other station through a pneumatic pantograph.  The technology used is based on the early physiological sensors of Etienne Jules Marey from around 1860.


Artist bio:

Bernie Lubell’s interactive installations evolved from studies in psychology and engineering. As participants play with his whimsical wood machines, they become actors in a theater of their own imagining.  Since the early 1980′s his installations have been shown in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Florida, and Europe.  ”A Theory of Entanglement” and other large scale installations were recently featured at FACT, Liverpool, UK and v2 in Rotterdam, NL. Recently he has won an award of distinction for Interactive Art from Ars Electronica in 2007 and an Adolph & Esther Gottlieb foundation grant in 2009.  He lives and works in San Francisco, California.

Lubell’s work includes a stone age digital computer, a rainstorm of chaos and nostalgia, a phone booth-confessional network, a mechanism to measure Intimacy, room sized simulations of the human heart, brain and breathing and a giant visitor powered knitting machine.

For more information — http://bernielubell.com