Brain Station (CN)



WU Juehui

In collaboration with SHAO Dian, HONG Bo and ZHANG Dan,  and the Institute of Neural Engineering of Tsinghua University

Supported by Tsinghua University Art & Science Research Center Media Lab



We explore the possibility of using“brain power” in new media art by constructing “emotional interfaces” between the individual and the group, the organism and the non-organism, in experimentation of a game among body — brain — media.

Is the subconsciousness of the living organism only confined to spaces of the mind’s black box? We attemp to ignite the mind, by amplifying the weak brainwaves and translating them into real-world events.

On the basis of the cutting-edge Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology, the biological energy (the electrical activities of the brain) is transformed to a photovoltaic energy: the brain activity is expressed by a light bulb, an emitting source of visible light. When the individual’s moods are affected by abstract sound waves, the BCI captures the reactions of the mind, and projects the brain activity to a light bulb. The light intensity of the bulb changes in accordance to the individual’s mood, forming an emotional force field surrounding the individual, further impacting upon his/her mood. In this process, a chain reaction of energy transfer between input and output, sensibility and sense is established.

“Brain Station” is not only one of TASML’s (Tsinghua Art & Science Media Laboratory) pilot projects, but also an interface between artists and scientists. Here, the brain-computer interface is beyond a physical interface: it is an interface of consciousness between different disciplines.


Artist bio:


“MeatMedia” is a media organization, initiated by Wu Juehui and Shao Ding. In recent years, they have been operating within the potential interfaces between art and science, body and media, in collaboration with laboratories or institutes whose research interests are in neural engineering, automation and computer graphics. MeatMedia focuses on the “Emotional Interface” by setting open game regulations, in attempt to find a balance between the“Dry”and the“Wet”. The members of MeatMedia participated in several national and international media art exhibitions and festivals, such as “Synthetic Times – Media Art China 2008″, “New Directions from China”, “Shanghai eARTS”, and several public media projects, such as “Expo 2010 Shanghai China”. Since 2008, MeatMedia has started a project based on the brain-computer interface in collaboration with the Institute of Neural Engineering of Tsinghua University.